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The Yale Public Health Coalition works to promote public health awareness, education and service in the Yale and New Haven communities


Dwight Hall Groups

Member Groups

Dwight Hall Public Health Coalition

Find out more about our member groups and how you can join their efforts. The organizations below maintain official membership within the Dwight Hall Public Health Network. For membership inquiries, please contact PHN Member Coordinator Ragini Luthra.


AIDS Walk New Haven is a 5K walk to raise money to provide support services to individuals and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in the greater New Haven community. Their goals are to raise money, increase public awareness, promote prevention through advocacy, and unite the Yale-New Haven community against stigma, apathy and infection. &


American Red Cross at Yale

American Red Cross at Yale strives to promote service and activism for health-related issues on the Yale campus and in New Haven as part of the national American Red Cross. They work closely with Connecticut Blood Services and our local South Central Connecticut chapter, and seek to become more involved with groups beyond New Haven, including the Harvard College chapter, and are looking into joining national campaigns and conventions with the Red Cross. They organize and run four campus-wide blood drives each year. Other activities include teaching a health and safety education program at local elementary schools, and fundraising campaigns for the local chapter and national Red Cross initiatives. They collaborate with other campus groups to respond to national disasters and raise awareness about health and safety-related issues on camp


Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide student-led movement to increase awareness about cancer issues, to support survivors and caregivers, and to make the fight against cancer a priority on college campuses. What this really means is that they are fed up with this disease, and they have come together to say so. Too many of their friends and family members have been affected by cancer for them to sit by without taking action. Instead, they reach out to our peers, professors, and fellow community members: educating, supporting, and encouraging their involvement. They advocate for legislation that favors cancer research, access to preventive screenings, and improved patient services. They educate about different types of cancer, their effects, and their risk factors. They build relationships with cancer patients and offer support networks for students on campus. They provide students with an open forum in which to discuss anything related to cancer. And perhaps most visibly, they hold an annual Relay For Life, which has become one of the largest campus-wide events each spring. &


Girls Run

Girls Run is an after-school running program for fourth to sixth grade girls at middle schools in New Haven. The mission of Girls Run is to encourage girls in the fourth through sixth grades to develop healthy lifestyles through running. They hope to inspire five changes in their participants: 1) Get active, and stay active for life!; 2) Develop a happy lifestyle, a happy outlook, and a positive self image; 3) Increase self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence; 4) Be accepting and respectful of others; and 5) Learn to become strong leaders. During each eight-week session of Girls Run, coaches will focus not only on the physical training of our participants, but also their own knowledge of five issues facing preteen girls: tolerance, self-esteem, body image, nutrition, and leadership. At the end of each eight-week session, their participants will run in a local one-mile race alongside their coaches. They hope to inspire confidence in their participants by helping them to complete one goal: to finish the race, no matter how long it takes.


HAPPY (Hypertension Awareness & Prevention Project at Yale)

HAPPY trains dedicated volunteers to conduct regular blood pressure screenings in New Haven community centers. Working with clinical advisors from Yale and partner health professionals, they implement training protocols and competency testing to ensure high quality and consistency of screenings by student volunteers. In contrast to the conventional poor practice of one-time community health screenings, HAPPY volunteers establish a constant presence in the communities by providing regular blood pressure screening sessions, helping to monitor the blood pressure levels of community members on a daily basis


The Musical Cure

Founded in the spring of 2001, The Musical Cure at Yale is a service organization devoted to bringing the healing touch of music to the greater New Haven community. Musician-volunteers come together to perform in concerts to reach out to hospitals, soup kitchens, nursing homes, and more. &


Student Global Health and AIDS Coalition

The Student Global Health and AIDS Coalition is dedicated to political lobbying and activism for global health on both the federal and local levels. &


Yale Sight Savers

The Yale Sight Savers Program (YSSP) is a collaboration between the faculty and students of Yale College, the Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Medical Group, united by the common goal of reducing the burden of glaucoma-related vision loss in the community.We promote vision education, health, and research through community glaucoma screenings and research projects. They have conducted over 10 glaucoma screenings since 2010, screening over 300 people. Their screenings take place from the New Haven Green to Hartford and other areas around Connecticut. &


Yale Undergraduates for UNICEF

Yale Undergraduates for UNICEF is a non-profit undergraduate organization dedicated to serving the needs of children worldwide through advocacy, fundraising, and outreach. &


Yale Undergraduates at Connecticut Hospice

YUCH volunteers serve at the CT Hospice facility, which provides around-the-clock compassionate and expert care to patients and their families, as they cope with an irreversible illness. &